Welcome to AIT 2018

The 12th AIT, International Conference on Advanced Information Technologies (AIT 2018) will be held in Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung, Taiwan on April 21, 2018. The theme is “Internet of Things and Smart Life.” The rapid advancement and ubiquitous penetration of hyperconnected world have been enabling sensing, predicting and controlling of physical world with information technology. Every business process can be empowered, and therefore, various industries redesign their business models and processes along Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm. AIT 2018 will create a stage for exchanging the new research ideas as well as results, and sharing the novel services provided in smart and hyperconnected environments (e.g., smart cities, Internet of Things). It is warmly welcomed that the academic, industrial and relevant research institutes to submit their latest academic and research achievements to this conference. Please visit http://ait.inf.cyut.edu.tw/ for more information about the conference..


Scope of interest

The conference aims to provide a forum for presentations and discussions of the recent methodological advances in Electronic Commerce and Knowledge Management, Network Communication and Applications, Information System Theory and Applications. The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

Information Technology Theory and Applications
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things and Embedded Systems
  • Computer Vision, Graphics Multimedia and VR
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Network
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Image Related
  • Information Hiding
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Cloud Computing
  • Distributed Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Bio-informatics
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Conventional Neural Network
  • Coding Techniques
  • Software Architecture
  • Technology Related Issues
Communication Network Technology and Applications
  • Modelling & Simulation of Communication Systems
  • Satellite Communication
  • Wired & Wireless Communication
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Distributed Computing
  • Grid and Cloud Computing
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Security & Privacy in Mobile, Hybrid, Sensor, Ad Hoc networks
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Firewalls, Packet Filters
  • Communication Privacy and Anonymity
  • Secure Routing, Naming/Addressing, Network Management
  • Network Related Issues
Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  • Business strategy and information systems
  • Management Information Systems
  • Systems analysis and design methods
  • Distributed information systems, electronic commerce
  • Software copyright infringements
  • Auditing and IT Governance
  • Information Quality and Strategy
  • Decision Support System
  • E-Commerce
  • IT Education and Society
  • Enterprise Information Systems-ERP
  • Social media
  • Innovation management
  • Management Related Issues
Studies of Teaching and Industry-university Practices
  • Researches in Teaching
  • Industry-university Practices and Technology Application